Our Village


  • ·      Our village, Chrani, is located on the Messinian Bay. It is a relatively new village since settlement began just after the 1960’s mainly by people coming from the three older villages Kakkorevma - Kafou – Vigla. Up until then, Chrani, was used as a place for summer vacation, and this is the main reason why it extends along the provincial road from Kalamata to Koroni. Both the sea and the transportation were the main reasons for the creation of our village.
  • ·  Our village, is one of great natural beauty, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Apart from the long beach at the beginning of our village, there are 3 other smaller coves waiting to be discovered. It's a quiet place, ideal for family holidays. The climate is mild and the sea is warm, suitable for children. If one loves hiking, there are many paths that lead to beautiful landscapes and unique destinations where you can enjoy the nature and walk amongst beautiful scenery.

Trivia: Where did the name Chranoi come from? The word is of Slavic origin since the southwest Peloponnese had been under Slavic occupation for more than 200 years.

  • ·      Our village is selected by many foreigners, especially Europeans as their permanent place of residence, away from the endless and cold winters of their countries.

Trivia: Our village was chosen by a former veteran of the second World War, Mike Norman who had taken part in dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, to spent the last years of his life in the quiet and peaceful village.

  • ·      The village has 350 permanent residents, but during the summer months, this number triples.
  • ·      You can find restaurants with great food and fresh fish within very reasonable prices. There are also cafes and beach bars for all hours of the day. As for nightlife, Koroni (15 min) is a worthy destination and of course Kalamata (35 min) with its’ infamous nightlife.
  • ·      There are 2 super markets covering all the needs of the visitor, a clinic and at about 5 km away you can find banks and pharmacy (3 km). It has regular bus service, about every 2 hours from Kalamata to Koroni and vice versa.