Welcome to Chrani


Our village, Chrani, is located on the Messinian Bay. Our Villas lay within lush green gardens overlooking the beautiful Messinian Bay, and Taygetos Mountain. 

You can enjoy magical mornings, and moonlit evenings with the moon emerging behind the high mountains with its reflection dancing on the sea.

Chrani gather everything, beautiful natural environment, hospitable people, good climate with mild winters, sweet autumn, intense and fragrant spring, cool summers. Batis (a summery wind) helps keep summers cool in the whole coast region of Kalamata, inspiring the local people to even write songs about him. There are many wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters, many attractions within walking distance, easy access and infrastructure suitable for hospitality.

Away from the intense city vibe/ hectic city pace, time here, seems as if it looses its meaning.

Our village, due to its climate and natural beauty, has been selected as a holiday home but also as a permanent one by many Greeks and foreigners, especially Northern Europeans who have bought land / olive groves in the region and cultivate it.